White Label Solutions

White label solutions


Attract more visitors to your Forex Broker website!

Day by day, competition between brokers is getting more and more intense. If your brokerage doesn’t offer any unique services to potential clients, they will pass you by. Most investors prefer to deposit their funds with large well known companies rather than with small brokers they’ve never heard of. Why? The answer is simple: if they see no special reason for joining you, they feel a lot safer putting their money with a broker trust by thousands of other traders.

Spending money on advertising will certainly bring you visitors but, unless you can offer them something that your competitors can’t, it won’t convert them into paying clients. You must be Unique. You must be Different from all the other brokers!

Forex Social Networks have become increasingly popular over recent years. By offering interaction between professional and novice traders, our platform has generated a dynamic FX-trading social network. Anyone who signs up as a signal provider can charge his followers based on his results. This is the fundamental concept that motivates traders and sustains the high quality of our network — the more profits traders make the more they get paid. Because this formula is rarely used by most other FX social networks, it will certainly attract experienced traders who will allow their less experienced counterparts to survive for a longer period of time, and therefore generate more long-term commissions for you. This will also give users even more reason to spread the word and invite their friends to sign up with you!

How do you get our service? We’re offering it for free! We will handle the entire system for you, so you will add value to your services with no extra effort. All you have to do is add a page to your website describing our community and link it to: http://yourbrokeragecompany.myfxservices.com — where your logo will appear at the top of our pages.

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Account Managers!

Learn how to get new clients for your PAMM/MAM account!

The programmers who developed this project are also professional traders who know from their own experience how hard it can be to attract clients to your PAMM/MAM account. Once you have a potential client, the hardest thing to do is convince them to join the brokerage that you are using. The next challenge is to make sure that they don’t change their minds during the long paper-signing process leading up to the deposit. As you no doubt know, the whole process takes time, and you’ve probably already lost several clients in this way.

The structure developed by our programmers/traders is specifically designed to avoid these problems!

It takes around 30 seconds to join our community, and there are no documents to sign. In addition, every client can use his favorite broker, so you can keep your clients happy without having to open multiple PAMM/MAM accounts.

If you have your own system or you’d like to use our signal providers to manage your accounts, you can use our structure to copy the trades, to set the performance fee for each system and to get paid by your clients. We’ll show you how to configure our API to your website and help you to find new potential clients!

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Do you want to start a new signal service?

If you have several contacts that would like to invest but you don’t have a reliable system for copying trades and handling performance fee payments, you can use our MyFxServices Technology!

There are two options available:

1) We can create a subdomain (http://yourwebsitename.myfxservices.com) with your logo at the top of our pages. To start working together you simply have to prepare your website (it can be a simple blog or whatever you like) and create a link to our newly created subdomain. That’s all there is to it! We will then handle support for existing and potential clients, and leave you free to find more visitors for your website.

2) We can also install our system on your server.

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