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About our services

MyFxServices is a web-project that allows professional traders to offer their trading signals to investors and fellow traders around the world. The way it works is simple: you choose a trader and copy all the transactions from his trading account.

The great advantage of MyFxServices trading signals is that you pay nothing upfront. Instead, you pay a small percentage of your profit as a commission. PAMM accounts work in a similar way, but with several drawbacks:

  • You have no control over your trader’s risk levels;
  • You can’t necessarily withdraw funds from your account whenever you want to;
  • The chances of the trader losing your entire deposit are very high – and there’s nothing you can do about it;
  • You have to sign a number of legal documents, including Limited Power of Attorney (LPOA);
  • In most cases, you don’t have access to the trading history of your account;
  • As an investor, you cannot perform your own trades on a PAMM account. All trading is done by your chosen trader (money manager).

MyFxServices has none of these drawbacks! We take an entirely different approach. You install an expert advisor on your MT4 account and the EA automatically copies the trades from your chosen signal provider’s account. You can set your own level of risk and, if you want, you can choose to close your transactions manually. You can unsubscribe from our services at any time simply by disconnecting the expert advisor. You’ll find further details in the user’s guide.

How It Works

You don’t have to be a computer genius to use our trading signals. There are just 4 simple steps to getting started. Everything is so easy that virtually anyone can do it.

Register with us

Use the registration page on our website to sign up for free with MyFxServices.

Choose a Provider

We have several profitable traders that you can follow. Check out the full list on our Providers page.

Set up a copy tool

Our user guide will show you how to set up the free copy-tool software on your PC or VPS.

Pay monthly fees

Once a month, you pay a small percentage of the profit generated by our services.

MT 4 and Jforex Supported

You can copy our signals to MetaTrader 4 or Jforex accounts. MetaTrader 4 is the world’s most popular, most widely used trading terminal, supported by 99% of forex brokers. Jforex is a powerful, flexible trading platform used by Dukascopy, FXDD and other brokers.

Payment Methods

Once a month, but no later than 10th, you must pay the fees. You can do that using any of the payment methods available in the fund account form in the MyFxServices’s member area. PayPal, Moneybookers/Skrill and Bank Wire are currently supported.

Our Providers

Our signal providers each have individual trading histories of more than 6 months on real trading accounts. All of them are focused on minimizing risk. Their trading histories are completely open – you can watch them any time on the Myfxbook website. With most trading signals services, signal providers receive revenue for every transaction – profitable or not. MyFxServices traders only make money when you make money, so they’re very interested in your success!

Our Providers